Happy dumplings, wine and friends

So it’s been a long week, you have 3 friends and 4 bottles of wine between you. You wander through the grimy streets of Brixton, South-West London, in search for somewhere that can accommodate your starving friends and humble bottles of wine.

Gently pushing through the crowds of people, swiftly into Brixton Village, then on to Market Row, we soon realise this is no easy feat. At first we are almost put off at the queues, perhaps our normal watering grounds with reservations in a more familiar part of London would bode well. Anyway, being the member of the group most acquainted with the market food culture of Brixton, I took the challenge in my stride. After about twenty minutes, tired soles and shoulders heavy with the weight of wine we settled for Happy Dumplings.

The 4 wines we had for the evening:

  • Mount Horrocks Semillon
  • Vajra Barolo Albe
  • Ata Rangi Chardonnay
  • Hecula Monastrell
Favourites of the evening

Happy Dumplings gave the impression of a family owned cafeteria. Their house speciality were dumplings. We ordered a massive plate of mixed dumplings to share, although I’m convinced the ones I tried were all the same, nonetheless the squidgy balls were a delight. We carried through the evening with more mixed goodies, some rice, and even more dumplings.

Mixed goodies!

Happy Dumplings Brixton

The wines we brought to the table were not chosen for where we were going, but were great. Albeit the circumstances they were drunk in, this proved wines are best served with friends! Happy Dumpling provided a fun environment to catch up with friends, in the heart of buzzing Brixton. The BYOB facility is no corkage charge and the food was excellent value for money at £10 each including service.

I wouldn’t be quick to rush back to Happy Dumplings for the food, but in terms of value for money, why not? I challenge you to find me something more filling and cheaper, including wine!

Have you been to Brixton? Where would you recommend in Brixton Market or Market Row?

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