Three Wine Men: London Edition

Whilst most of the Southern part of the UK have been enjoying the sun, tennis and Henley Regatta over the weekend, I decided to attend the Three Wine Men (TWM) event on Sunday. The event is held all over the UK, pretty much throughout the year, and is a consumer focused, wine tasting.

As much as I enjoy trade events, I feel it’s just as important to learn about wines on a personal, consumer buying level. For it is the consumer who continues the journey of wine, without consumers hungry and eager to learn, without the passion, without the questions, the longevity in wine is dead. It is so very important to educate ourselves and continue to learn.

Behind TWM are Tim Atkin MW, Oz Clarke and Olly Smith, all very handsome, wine loving men, in their own right… But together they have created a wine revolution!

The event was held at the prestigious home of cricket, Lord’s. It’s also increasingly popular for wine events, which is a shame, as I heard through the grapevine, it is soon to be pulled down.

It was refreshing to be able to talk to each wine man, and for them to be cheery, happy and willing to answer questions. And fear not, if you lacked questions, they had a wealth of information bursting to be told. It was nice to be recommended wines to find and try too!


The Three Wine Men will retreat for the summer, but fear not, the next event will be held in Harrogate in the latter part of Septemeber. You can purchase tickets for Harrogate here and find other dates here.

Please do check out their individual websites and tweets too, as there is a great deal of knowledge out there!

  •  Olly Smith / @JollyOlly – When not sipping, slurping or spitting, can be found gardening, or on his guitar. He was also a scriptwriter for the adorable Pingu..
  • Oz Clarke / @OzClarke – Apparently has the singing voice of an angel, and his first name is in fact not Oz, but Robin..
  • Tim Atkin MW / @TimAtkin – Frighteningly good at photography..

Thanks for reading and have a great week.



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