A quick bite at Street Kitchen: Shoreditch

Street Kitchen Jun Tanaka

The latest addition to the Street Kitchen, pop-up restaurant officially opens on Tuesday 19th of March, but I was around Shoreditch with the OH, and decided to attend their preview menu tasting.

The concept:

Gourmet comfort food, for Londoners on the go. Located in trendy Shoreditch, to which I recall, all street food venues are in the trendy hot-spots of London to be honest. Brixton, Soho, the list goes on..


Founded by Mark Jankel (previously of the Notting Hill brasserie) and Jun Tanaka (former Pearl executive chef), the pair are two admirable head chefs in their own right. Street Kitchen provides, freshly made, healthy, bistro style dishes in boxes during the day, and burgers and wings when the sun goes down. A recent box dish, was hot smoked salmon or grilled sardines with celeriac and dill coleslaw, pickled beetroots, crushed potatoes, baby leaf and horseradish dressing, or crispy chicken with warm crushed potatoes, pickled red onions, smoked bacon, croutons, soft lettuce and Winchy mayo.
 Imagine having this on your lunch break at the comfort of your desk, or in the park during the summer?

They use 100% UK ingredients sourced directly from British farms – resulting in fresh, local and sustainable produce.


Street Kitchen located in Shoreditch, can also be found South-West of the river, in Battersea. 33 Parkgate Road (next to Ransome’sDock). For the city folk,  Broadgate Circle (near Liverpool Street Station).






All in all an enjoyable experience, I can’t wait for Mark and Jun to get their alcohol licence. My chicken burger and chicken wings which came up to £8.50, was short of a glass of wine. I did keep eyeing the Shandy Bass in the neighbouring van of Engine Hotdogs, but I wasn’t going to that!

As well as having twitter, you can also find our the latest news from the Street Kitchen on their webiste.

All the best, again..

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