Tasting night: South African wines at Earlsfield Deli

A taste of the warm climate, South Africa.

Tuesday 5th of March, was enjoyed with an impromtu wine tasting session at The Earlsfield Deli, in South West London. The event was spotted on Twitter, and was a great way to break up the working week, and try some South African wines from the same producer (bar one from Southern Rhone).

The Earlsfield Deli

The Earlsfield Deli

Glass of syrah


Morbier, Camembert and Munster (and ham and crackers)


The event ran from 7.45 until 9.45pm, and we had three types of chesee: Morbier, Camembert and Munster, there was also a selection of hams and charcoal crackers. I usually despise charcoal crackers, but when tasting wine after wine, they are actually quite refreshing to the palate.

The evening was relaxed with mainly locals from Earlsfield and Wandsworth. The great thing about the deli, is that they really care about the local community and this is really seen from the second you arrive until the moment you leave.

My tasting notes of the evening:

I had 5 wines, 4 were from South Africa, and the last was a Southern Rhone for comparison.

  1. Simonsvlei Chenin Blanc £8.90 – Tropical fruits: peach, pineapple, crisp, acidity, long finish, unoaked. Great aperitif, fantastic on a hot summers day with white fish
  2. Simonsvlei Chardonnay £8.90 – Stoned fruit, oak, vanilla, buttery. Smooth wine, with slight complexity. This would be perfect with a roast chicken.
  3. Simonsvlei Pinotage £8.90 – Mmmm big juicy berries, ripe plum, secondary notes of tobacco, coffee, peppermint. A lot going on, but was smooth, well balanced, so made for easy drinking. My favourite of the evening – I purchased a bottle!
  4. Simonsvlei Shiraz £8.90 – Spice, pepper, followed through with distinct berry flavours.
  5. Chateau de Montmirail Vacqueyras £17 – Not South African! This was a good wine to end with, it was familiar and I was able to compare. The Grenache, Mourvedre, Syrah blend from Southern Rhone boasts a deep dark colour, cherry, plum flavours. Perfect with lamb skewers, note to self, refrain from frozen minced lamb. No horse today..

John (proprietor) and Leon were lovely hosts, and Becky, their social media guru kindly found us the last tickets! All in, a good Tuesday evening.

*At the time of writing, The Earlsfield deli didn’t seem to have an active website, they can however be found on facebook and on twitter!

Once again, happy drinking.


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