Happy last day of the month!


January 2013 has been a really cool, wine filled month! 31 days in, I’m really beginning to enjoy this new wine and food blog journey I am creating.

The joys of wine mean I do not necessarily need to travel, as I can enjoy the landscape of a country and its grapes in my wine glass. But of course I will travel this year!

High fives of the month:

  • I tasted at least 20 different wines, one questionable, but mainly wonderful.
  • My favourite wine of the month has been, La Rioja Alta, Vina Alberdi Rioja Reserva (see post here)
  • I have also been fortunate to purchase 6 inexpensive wine books! I’m currently reading The wine pocket bible by Andrew Smith and Jenny Dodd, you can find it on Amazon for about £7.50. It’s an ok, easy read, providing a great foundation to wine newbies. It covers everything from how wine is made, the wine regions of the world, food and wine matching/ pairings, wine buying and storing!


Not so high…

  • I did not attend any tastings this month. I think I’ve been put off by the chilly weather and also the “Janaury blues”.

I’m hopefully the onset of February and Spring will change that!

“I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food.”  -W.C. Fields


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