A journey beyond Kumala…

…and other supermarket budget wines.

My second entry on pressed for wine and I’m hopeful it’ll be one of many, into the exciting universe that is wine (and food).


I recently graduated from uni (2.5 years ago recent), currently in the hospitality industry planning some of the best parties and events out there.

Fact is:

1) I’m bored of the stuffiness surrounding wine

2) I’m fed up of the horrendous, supermarket shelf, eye level gloop, that’s marketed as wine.


These factors are not promising and make it increasing hard for many to enjoy the best that wine has to offer. In addition to this, creating a difficult task of preparing the younger generation for good wines.

I stress, I am not here to preach…but I do hope that my blog provides a fresh, and proactive insight into the world of wines. If you want to know more about me, click on about!

Drink to enjoy.


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